Taman Rahasia

The concept of the Maze Park or better known as the Garden Labyrinth, the House of Daedalus, the Troy of Town, or The Wall of Troy has existed centuries ago. This concept is an architectural notion that shows the form of an endless winding road that leads to a palace or a special place. Another simple concept associated with the Minotaur legend was designed by Daedalus (during the reign of King Minos in Egypt) who took the pattern or symbol of Coin Cretan. The coin shows the legend of Theseus looking for Princess Adreane who was abducted by Monster Minotaur somewhere with endless roads. This concept also forms a very high image of the influence of Maze Park in continental Europe. In the 16th century, the plants that framed Maze Garden tended to be short, but after the clergy of the Roman Church took over the function of Maze Garden as a tool of simulating human obedience to God, the plant turned high.

In Taman Bunga Nusantara we present the Maze Garden with the Renaissance pattern while still putting forward the initial meaning of the success of Theseus to seize Adriane on an endless path. Therefore, after completing the vastness of endless roads, we showcase the beautiful garden and plant arrangements in the center as a form of appreciation for your success.

You can also see the uniqueness of the garden and plant arrangement with its neat trim and blend of beautiful flower colors over the Menara Pandang.

Fear of getting lost? Do not worry, we provide maps to guide you through the Secret Garden at an affordable cost.

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