Taman Palem

Palm trees have been planted since ancient times, but only known popularity by the parks in the 1800s. There are approximately 2,800 species of palm in the hemisphere that has a warm climate.

The palm collection here reaches over a hundred varieties from different places in the world. Some of the palms that have special uniqueness among them are Washingtonia robusta or Mexican Fan Palem originating from Mexico. Other unique plants are Screw Pine or Pandanus utilis from Madagascar. This plant can be easily recognized through its circular stems and leaves. In Africa, the leaves of this plant are made of hats and baskets. Another palm that is not less beautiful is Palem Alexandra or Archontophoenix alexandrae from Queensland-Australia.

The giant palm that is on the path to the Greenhouse is the Cuban Royal Palm or Roystonea regia originated in Cuba. Other palms that are not less interesting is the Bottle Palem or Hyphorbe leganicaulis, Palem Jelly or Butia capitata, Palem Phoenix or Phoenix roebelinii.

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