Taman Mediterania

This park is designed to introduce to the public about a location that is in the desert region as in the Mediterranean region. Historically countries such as Italy, Spain, Greece and Portugal in designing their parks use more plants that tolerate high temperatures to dry weather such as cactus species (Cactaceae), and yucca (Liliaceae).

The typical Mediterranean house is a form of building that we use to protect the variety of cactus in it. With a glass roof, it allows a wide range of cactus such as Notocactus magnificus, Cephalocereus senilis, Opuntia rufida, and Cereus hexagonus to grow like in the area of origin. Other concepts we want to highlight are other elements such as the expanse of stones and white sand that is more directed to the existence of the Mediterranean coast which has a vast stretch of white sand.

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