Taman Gaya Jepang

The formation of the Japanese Style Garden is inseparable from the historical summary of Japan in the past, where in medieval times there was often an inter-ethnic division. To avoid this, the leaders of each tribe create a shelter that can protect their families from enemy attacks. To make the location more comfortable they make a simple garden with the natural elements as the concept.

As time passes, in this modern age where the Japanese have been known for their tenacity in achieving an ideal, relaxation is a thing they desperately need. Therefore having a park has become a kind of tradition.

In modern times today, the Japanese are no longer at war with each other, but they always work hard and race to get the best out of their lives. Because they are always under pressure, they need a place to rest. The park is their destination. Once you enter the park, you will find the main elements of Japanese garden, ie: rocks, wood, simplicity of design, pond, water movement, and silence.

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