Taman Air

In addition to being the basic necessities of living beings, water is also a source of inspiration for humans. Sparks and reflections from nearby objects really provide a very dazzling thing. Therefore, in many countries the charm of water is made a basic component or support for the establishment of a beautiful garden arrangement such as the Taman Gaya Jepang, Taman Gaya Perancis, Taman Gaya Itali, and Taman Gaya Bali Garden. Uniquely plant water plants usually have a very attractive form and color.

The plants here adapt to their watery environment in two ways. Vertically like this purple flower is Kana Air or Thalia Dealbata (talia delbata) which is a native plant from the southeastern United States, or horizontally like Lotus or Nelumbo Nucifera in the middle of the pond. This beautiful flower comes from East Asia and northeastern Australia. We also planted Cyperus Papyrus located at the front and back of the pond with its dark green trunk and leaf-like leaves. This Egyptian plant was used by the nation as the world’s first source of paper making since 2750 BC.

We also plant the Giant Lotus or Victoria Amazonica from South America. This plant can be recognized immediately through its tray-shaped leaves. The flowers only appear in the morning or late afternoon. Also we have Giant Arum or Typonodorum Lindleyanum which is easily recognizable because its shape resembles a banana tree originating from South America.

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