Taman Mawar

Beautiful roses come from the northern hemisphere or rather come from China. In medieval times, roses are called Flos Florum, which means flowers of all flowers. The rose is also designated by Mary ibn Isa as a symbol of worldly and heavenly perfection, and even today the rose is still considered the most famous flower in the whole world.

In its home country of China, roses have been conditioned to adapt to 4 climates including winter or winter. At the time of the natural snow roses this shed all its leaves and into the period of stoppage or rest (dormant period), and re-developed during the summer. Of course during this break, the plant has the power to provide the beauty of a better flower.

At Taman Bunga Nusantara we treat this plant with special treatment where the procedure of watering, fertilizing, and weeding we do carefully and carefully calculated. This is done to keep the strength and beauty of the rose which in the tropics of roses does not have a dormant period or rest periods.