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Taman Bunga Nusantara has always been an amazing place to visit. It has various gardens including Rose garden, Balinese garden, Japanese garden, etc. At different time of the year you could see different sections of the gardens are blooming with flowers. In my last visit, the Rose garden has not bloomed yet but this month the roses are blooming.Dont forget to visit the watch tower to be able to view the Musical fountain, French garden and Labyrinth from the top of the tower.I would recommend to visit this place during weekday to avoid much crowds and you would have easier time to take great pictures. In addition, check on the weather before going to this place. There are some shelters within the vicinity but you wont be able to enjoy the open space gardens if its raining.Lastly, so far I have tried 2 restaurants within the vicinity but none have good menu that I would recommend.

Luqman Hakim Avatar Luqman Hakim
Juli 14, 2023

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Sidik Sidik Avatar Sidik Sidik
Juni 5, 2023

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